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The evergreen on our beaches: the skimboard. New generations discover the joy of skimboarding. This sport can be fun for the whole family. Skimoarding is still gaining more popularity and thanks to the internet, finding a good skimboard became even easier. The internet shopping makes skimboards easily available and allows its to keep the prices low. Skimboard is the future of your fun day on the beach!

In SkimGuru’s webshop, you can choose from many different skimboard brands. We are an online store dedicated to skimboarding, where you can also find information about skimboards and skimboarding. Our mission is to promote this exciting sport.

Flatland skimboarding

Flatland skimboarding is something you do on the shallow water using wooden skimboards. You can skimboard along beache, lake or river shore. You can do it anywhere where there is a little water and a bit of space. Flatland skimboarding has much in common with skateboarding and allows you to do many skimboard like tricks like ollies, as well as tricks on specially designed ramps.

The SkimGuru webshop offers a broad variety of flatland skimboards. Take a look at our store offer. Don’t wait – start your skimboarding adventure today!

Wave skimboarding

Deeper, wilder waters tempt skimboarders to take a different approach to their sport: wave skimboarding. Wave skimboarding clearly has more in common with surfing, but it's more accessible and also takes place closer to the coastline. Not every beach is suited for wave skimboarding. Ask SkimGuru or other skimboarders to get the advise on the best spots in your neighbourhood.

There are skimboards specifically designed for wave skimboarding, with foam based construction. SkimGuru offers top selection of wave skimboards from leading brands.

Skimboard Skimguru

For each skimboarder SkimGuru has an appropriate skimboard in stock. That is how we hope to make skimboarding accessible for those who want to start, as well as meet the needs of the professional riders. This broad orientation of SkimGuru characterizes us when it comes to purchasing: we look further, come up with top skimboards and competitive prices. Flexible, fast and always improving: qualities of the real skimboarder, qualities of SkimGuru!